Updated August 2022
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Updated August 2022
Written by Lonny Norris Jennifer Blair
Lonny  is our tech guru, and head of Network & Communications technology at WebEx as well. His experience spans over 18 years and has worked as an advisor for major telecommunications companies across the US.

Buying guide for BEST WIFI EXTENDERS

Tired of a weak WiFi signal constantly disconnecting? Streaming your favorite Netflix series and out of the blue, you get hit with the famous “Please try again later”. Having to stay in specific areas of your house just to get a crumb of wifi. 

If you’re one of the millions of people who spend hours each day online, you know just how important a good WiFi signal is. It’s time to do something about it. I mean life is just too short to spend years watching your screen buffer.

Having WiFi in your home, but there are one or two low-reception areas — a WiFi extender can fill your coverage gaps and revolutionize your internet experience. WiFi extenders sometimes referred to as repeaters, or boosters, are placed far away from your WiFi router while still getting a strong signal. Once connected, your WiFi extender will re-broadcast your WiFi signal, providing strong coverage in areas that previously got weak signals.


A WiFi extender rebroadcasts signals from the router to areas of the home where reception dips significantly. For example, if you experience a constant signal of 90 Mbps in the same room as the router, but receive only a fraction of that - say 10 Mbps - on second-floor, an extender could remedy the problem. You’ll be driving into your neighborhood connected to WiFi. Mowing your lawn streaming music. Watching movies outside on the porch, saying goodbye to dead zones. 

  • Super Boost WiFi Signal
  • Total WiFi Coverage In Every Room
  • Never Disconnect
  • No Lag Time and Buffering

Key considerations


It is best to select a brand for your WiFi extender that works for every router. This generally ensures that the products really work for you. ExtendTecc is a perfect choice.

Easy To Use

You should be attracted to an extender that offers a simple setup. Better have an automatic easy connection function.

Expert Tip
"I have an ExtendTecc, only automatic connection technology like it used to ensure you never drop out. Highly Recommend!"
Two Years WiFi Extender User

5G Technology

For maximum speed, select one that supports both the 2.4 and 5 GHz, bands. Only 2.4 GHz offers little than 50% of the router’s signals, while extenders also supporting the 5GHz band provide stronger signals. As most consumers say that 5GHz will be happier, like Extendtecc.

Through Walls Ability

Passing through solid concrete walls with ease ensures that the signal can reach any floor and room, which is the most important guarantee of the range extension. Extendtecc offers a 5 Bar signal WiFi across 3 floors.

Refund Policy

The first time using a WiFi extender, it would be better to choose the one providing a no-hassle return. Lack knowledge before, you can just try some days yourself to make sure that you buy the right one.  We recommend you Extendtecc which offers a 30-day full money back guarantee.


  • Make sure you put it in the right place – Don’t place the extender too close to the router. If placed too close, the coverage area cannot be maximized. Select a location about halfway between weak signal area and router.

  • Adjust the antennas on your WiFi extender – To get the best connection. It may take a few configurations to find the best one.

  • Regular dust cleaning  - After long-term use, the heat sink holes may accumulate a lot of dust, resulting in poor heat dissipation and an unstable network. So you need to clean the dust regularly.


Q. Can a WiFi extender support the whole house?

A. Yes, it can be used for a whole home. The size of the house and the number of devices online at the same time will also be factors.

Q. How much should you expect to pay for a good WiFi extender? 

A. You could spend from $30 to $120 for a good one. Many great ones cost around $80. The cost will vary based on the answers to the question such as does the extender offer single or dual-band operation?

Q. How to avoid buying fake and poor quality products?

A. Make sure you are buying from the Official Store. We've seen a number of fakes, and if you acquire a cheaper version that doesn't turn out to be the official one, it may not do anything.