Updated on Apr 03, 2023

Buying Guide: What is the Best WiFi Extender?

Buying Guide: What is the Best WiFi Extender?
Losing the WiFi signal is a distressing thing. It can make you feel isolated from the world like you're in the wilderness without a map or compass. Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of losing a WiFi signal. A poor WiFi signal can drive you insane, especially when you're trying to watch your favorite Netflix show or in a video conference with your boss. Fortunately, a WiFi extender can help you out of this situation.
A WiFi extender is a device that is designed to increase the range of the WiFi signal and eliminate dead spots. Many types and brands of WiFi extenders are on the market, and their performance and quality vary greatly. Still, each product claims to be "the best", which makes it difficult for consumers to decide "what is the best WiFi extender".
Before you make a wrong purchase on Amazon without a clue, read this to learn how a WiFi extender works and what characters the best WiFi extenders should have. In addition, we will also share with you one of the best-performing WiFi extenders we have tested.
Now, let's dive right in!

Do You Know What is the WiFi extender?

You may have heard of a WiFi extender but didn't know much about it. Let me explain it in a simple way.
A WiFi extender extends your WiFi signal by taking the signal from your router and broadcasting it in the area where it needs to be extended.
Yes, a WiFi extender is like a sponge, absorbing the network signal and transmitting it where needed. A WiFi extender can do just that if you want to eliminate a certain WiFi signal dead spot.
In conclusion, WiFi extenders are useful, but choosing a best wifi extender requires knowing more. Do you know what are the features of the best wifi extenders? Next, I will introduce them in detail. 

Then...What are the Features of Best WiFi Extenders?

Before introducing the features of the best WiFi extenders, we need to be clear: the best product must be the one that suits you best. There are many great WiFi extenders on the market, some can extend the signal over 1000 feet, but they cost over $150. It is not the best product for you if you just want to extend the signal to your 200-feet bedroom. However, to be called the best WiFi extender, it must contain the following elements:
1. Wide range of expansion: The range of a WiFi extender is mainly affected by the frequency band, and the 2.4 GHz frequency band can extend the coverage wider than 5 GHz. Second, the WiFi extender's antenna will also affect its range. The external antenna is better at getting through walls than the internal antenna. The greater the number of antennas, the greater the signal range that can be extended. So, choose a WiFi extender with a large extension within a reasonable price range.
2. increase internet speed: The WiFi extender will change the network speed while spreading the signal. If you're buying a WiFi extender just to keep your home monitoring devices connected to the internet, you may not need a high internet speed. But a WiFi extender with a high-speed network is required if you buy it for work and entertainment, such as watching an online movie or having a video conference with a leader.
3. Large number of connectable devices: Is it a good WiFi extender if it can extend the WiFi signal for 1000 feet but only connects 5 devices? Obviously not. With the increase of smart homes, more electronic products in the home may need to be connected to the network. An excellent WiFi extender can connect at least 20 devices at the same time.
4. Strong security: Security is the basic performance of an excellent WiFi extender. The built-in security features of WiFi extenders help you monitor traffic and keep your home's network safe. Newer WiFi extenders are more secure than older ones because they have better technology, newer firmware, and security patches.
5. Great support and warranty: The effect of support and warranty will not be reflected when using the product, but when there is a problem with the WiFi extender, you will realize how important they are. After all, no matter how well-known a brand is, its products are not perfect. Therefore, please understand the warranty period and technical support before purchasing a WiFi extender.
The above 5 features will provide a reference when choosing a WiFi extender. Please don't give up reading because they are too professional, because exaggerated advertising words will show their true colors when confronted with professional knowledge.

Yes! This is the Best WiFi Extender

After understanding the features that best WiFi extenders should have, you're almost an expert in WiFi extenders. It's time to use what you've learned to choose the best WiFi extender for your home.
Wait... There are so many similar products on the market that selecting one may take time and effort. If you are too busy to study them, we will recommend you a best wifi extender. Let's take a look!

● Powerful WiFi coverage: Before using Rextender, only the living room where the router was installed could receive 5 complete WiFi signals. The electronic devices only had 1-2 bar signals when we arrived at the basement garage and second-floor bedroom. After installing Rextender, we saw a huge boost in signal strength in the same places as before. We were blown away by the coverage this small device could deliver.
● Up to 1200 Mbps: We ran a speed test to see how well Rextender can improve your internet speed. The results: We got 1000–1200 Mbps download speeds across the room. Next, we used various methods to check whether this network speed was really available. We did not find any delay when browsing emails, making high-definition video calls or playing online games.
● Connect 25+ Devices: We connected various commonly used electronic devices to it simultaneously, and each received a strong network signal and speed. Then we tested that the maximum number of devices it can connect is 27.
● 24/7 Customer Support: Rextender provides 24/7 customer service to all customers, which most companies cannot provide. They also offer a money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with the product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Now you should know why we call it the best WiFi extender. Although WiFi 6 is popular in the market now, WiFi 4 it provides brings surprising effects. Honestly, even at its regular price of $119.99, we'd recommend this device. What's more: Rextender is currently only $49.95.

Final Thoughts

This buying guide covers the fundamentals of WiFi extenders, such as what a WiFi extender is, the characteristics of the best WiFi extenders, and the best WiFi extender recommendation. I hope this article has helped you find the best WiFi extender, say goodbye to signal dead zones and enjoy a stronger and more stable WiFi signal at home. 

Last updated on Apr 03, 2023
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