Buying Guide: Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023

UPDATED: APR 14, 2023

Buying Guide: Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023

Is a weak WiFi signal affecting your gaming experience? Are you still troubled by the stuck game screen? A stable WiFi signal is every gamer's dream, especially when you are frequently disconnected due to poor network signal during team battles. It's time to find the best WiFi extenders for gaming!

Do WiFi Extenders Really Work for Gaming?

Do WiFi Extenders Really Work for Gaming?

Yes! The WiFi extender is suitable for gamers to buy. WiFi extenders improve your gaming experience by extending WiFi coverage, and they can help extend WiFi coverage throughout the room. However, whether or not the WiFi extender is effective is determined by several factors:
1. Game type: If you only play slower-paced online games like Hearthstone, The Sims, GTA, and so on, the occasional lag spikes won't have a big impact on your experience. Then buying a WiFi extender to boost the signal is a good solution.
2. Distance to a router: If your computer is close to your main router and you only need the best signal from the extender, it can also provide the network signal you require.
3. Network congestion: If your home network is relatively uncongested, with few high-bandwidth devices, a WiFi extender can be an excellent way to improve signal strength.
If you've decided you need a WiFi extender after reading this, keep reading! We will give you professional advice on purchasing a WiFi extender.

What to Consider When Buying Wifi Extenders?

Before introducing the best WiFi extenders, we must understand the various features to consider when choosing a WiFi extender. They include:
1. Bandwidth: Determines how much data you can pass through the network in a short time. A network with a bandwidth of 1 Gbps per second generally outperforms a network with a bandwidth of 10Mbps per second.
2. Speed: Check if a WiFi extender can increase your network speed. A good WiFi extender will ensure that you play online games without glitches or lags.
3. Range: The whole idea of a WiFi extender is to ensure that you can enjoy a sufficient signal even when you are far away from your router. Therefore, when purchasing a WiFi extender, please choose a WiFi extender with a larger extension range.
4. Compatibility: It is best to choose a WiFi extender with higher compatibility to avoid the WiFi extender being unable to connect with other devices.

Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023

A few weeks ago, we tested a few WI-Fi extenders and picked some good ones. We've rounded up five of the best WiFi extenders for gaming so you can choose the one that's right for you.
Keep reading and check them out!

1. Rextender WiFi Extender

Rextender Wifi Extender

Eliminate WiFi dead zones: It has dual antennas that extend the signal range over 2,500 square feet and pass through walls superbly.
Up to 1200Mbps: Generally speaking, you can get more than 1200mbps network speed, allowing you to browse emails or HD video calls without affecting.
Compatible with all devices: Although it is very small, its compatibility is very strong. It is simple to connect a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other electronic devices at home.
Frequently sells out: Because of its high quality and low price, it is very popular with everyone, so it is often out of stock.

Cudy AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 Extender

● Extend signal range: 2 high-gain antennas can increase the range of existing WiFi networks and expand 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi coverage to eliminate WiFi dead zones.
● Connect 30+ Devices: AX1800 dual band WiFi supports connecting 30+ WiFi devices. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows the WiFi extender to connect to wired devices such as PCs, multimedia players, game consoles, and smart TVs.
● No significant speed increase: Although WiFi6 is available, the speed has not improved significantly after use.

D-Link E15 Eagle Pro AI Mesh WiFi 6 Range Extender (AX1500)

Improved speed & coverage: It enables the creation and customization of a whole home mesh WiFi experience. As you move around your home, the device automatically connects to the strongest frequency band. Plus, four external high-performance antennas enhance WiFi coverage and reliability.
Easy installation: You just need to plug it into the socket near the router, then download the corresponding app, follow the instructions of the app to complete the installation, and then use it.
Not all devices compatible: Although it can provide a wide range of WiFi coverage, not all devices are well-compatible. During the test, we found that some brands of mobile phones did not match it.

TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender Internet Booster(RE500X)

Extends WiFi connection: Extend high-performance WiFi with the RE500X, featuring high-gain antennas designed to eliminate WiFi dead zones.
WiFi booster with WiFi 6 speeds: Enjoy smoother, more reliable transfers, games, downloads, and more with dual-band WiFi speeds up to 1.5 Gbps.
Sometimes disconnects: There will be a disconnection problem during the test, although it will reconnect within half a minute. This is fatal for players.

Which is the Best WiFi Extender for Gaming in 2023?

That must be: Rextender WiFi Extender

3 advantages of Rextender WiFi Extender

After testing and comparing all the extenders mentioned above, we've settled on the most affordable and best WiFi extender for gamers: Rextender WiFi Extender. It's an excellent all-arounder and a great fit for most gamers.
The Rextender WiFi Extender is a rugged, affordable choice for most families.
It has strong WiFi coverage: We installed the Rextender in a three-story building, and it not only provided full WiFi coverage to every room on the second floor, but it also received full signal strength on the third floor. Such excellent coverage is enough for gaming in any room of your home.
It provides excellent internet speed: In speed tests, we discovered that it could deliver download speeds of up to 1200 Mbps throughout the home. We played the most recent connected console and PC games available without lag or stutter.
It's very stable: We didn't have a single dropped connection during the two weeks we tested, which is critical for gamers. Everyone, I believe, has had an extremely poor game experience due to disconnection, and the Rextender WiFi extender performed admirably in terms of stability.

In addition to the above three points, it has more advantages:
1. Easy to install. Since Rextender focuses on creating simple and easy-to-use technology products, it only takes three steps to complete the installation.
2. Small size. After getting the device, our first impression of it is how small it is. After it is inserted into the latch, it neither takes up space nor affects the appearance.
3. Preferential policies. Currently, Rextender is offering 70% off on their website, and you can get it for just $26.25.

Other FAQs about WiFi Extenders

● How to Set Up A WiFi Extender?

Simple 3-step Setup WiFi Extender

1. Plug it in: Plug the wifi extender into a power outlet close to the main router.
2. Press connect: Press the WPS button on the main router first, and then press the WPS button on the wifi extender.
3. Wait and enjoy: The WPS process will last for several minutes. You can wait for a while and then check if the LED light of your wifi Extender is on. If it lights up, then your wifi extender has successfully connected to your main router.

● Where Should I Install the WiFi Extender?

Where Should I Install the WiFi Extender?

The best place for a WiFi extender is between the wireless router and the gaming device, and the extender must be within range of the router.
You can install a WiFi extender somewhere between your router and the room you're gaming in, which will give you the best gaming speeds and the lowest stuttering. Also, it is best not to install it near other electronic devices as they can interfere with your WiFi performance.