Updated on Apr 03, 2023

3 Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023-Don't Miss Out!

3 Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023—Don‘t Miss Out!
Have your teammates complained about your poor game skills? 
In fact, you just have a bad network signal. While playing games can make you happy, a bad gaming experience due to a poor network signal can drive you crazy.
Want to enjoy a full WiFi signal while gaming? Let us help you achieve that dream now! The good news is that installing a WiFi extender can effectively boost the WiFi signal in your home and make your gaming experience smoother.
However, with so many WiFi extenders on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed 4 factors that affect the performance of a WiFi extender, and understanding them lets you easily choose the one that suits you best.
In addition, in order to make it easier for you to purchase WiFi extenders, we have carefully selected the top 3 WiFi extenders in the market. Let's look at the test results of these extenders now, choose the one that suits you, and make the game smoother!

What to Consider When Buying Wifi Extenders?

Before introducing the best WiFi extender, we list 4 important features of the WiFi extender which will help you fully understand the WiFi extender.
Range: The whole idea of a WiFi extender is to ensure you can enjoy a sufficient signal even when you are far away from your router. Therefore, when purchasing a WiFi extender, please choose one with a larger extension range.
Speed: The internet speed provided by the WiFi extender is important because it will affect the smoothness of your game. For example, if you're playing online gaming, you may want an extender that provides high-frequency internet speeds. On the contrary, an extender limiting the network speed will not bring a good gaming experience even if it has a full signal.
Compatibility: The greater compatibility of a WiFi extender means it can be matched with more electronic devices in the home. If many electronic devices in your home need WiFi, try to choose a WiFi extender with high compatibility.
Dual-Band vs. Tri-Band: WiFi extenders are available in dual-band and tri-band configurations. Dual-band offers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, and the Tri-Band Extender has one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz frequency bands. The benefit of a triple-band extender is that you can connect more devices, but it's usually more expensive than a dual-band extender. A dual-band extender should be a good choice if you don't have many wireless devices.

Best WiFi Extenders for Gaming in 2023

Not everyone needs the best WiFi extender with top-notch speed and coverage. However, as a gamer, you should understand how important good network conditions are for online gaming. It's time to choose a good WiFi extender to bring you a new gaming experience.
However, if you think that there are too many WiFi extenders on the market, making it difficult to choose, you can look at the following 3 WiFi extenders we recommend for you:

1. Rextender Wifi Extender

Rextender Wifi Extender

● Eliminate WiFi dead zones: Rextender has powerful coverage. In our tests, we placed the router on the ground floor of a three-story building, and the phone could only get a 2-bar signal when we reached the top floor. But, we got a strong 5-bar signal on the top floor after installing Rextender.
● Up to 1200Mbps: You can get more than 1200mbps internet speed with Rextender, which is ideal for gamers. During the test, we installed Rextender in the first-floor living room. When we ran the game in the third-floor bedroom, we found that the game's fluency had greatly improved.
● Compatible with all devices:Despite its small size, it has a high level of compatibility. It is simple to connect a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other electronic devices at home.
● Limited wifi signal extension:Although Rextender can effectively eliminate wifi signal dead zone, the signal range it can extend is limited.  If your house is too large, it might not work as well.

2. Cudy AX1800

Cudy AX1800

● Boost Coverage of Router: The 2 high-gain antennas owned by Cudy can increase the coverage of the existing WiFi network and eliminate WiFi blind spots. No matter where we install it, it can provide sufficient WiFi signal for the whole room.
● Connect 30+ Devices: Cudy can connect to over 30 devices. We connect our tablets, phones, computers, and other household electronic devices to it all at the same time, and each device works fine.
● Easy to install: Cudy is easy to install. You just plug it in near your router and follow the installation instructions. If you think the printed instructions are a bit complicated, you can check out the electronic user manual on the Cudy website, which is easier to read than the printed version.
● No significant speed increase: After pairing Cudy with a router, the network speed will drop rapidly. The original router can reach 1 GB/s, while Cudy's new extended network only provides about 300–400 MB/s.

3. D-Link AX1500

D-Link AX1500

● Improved coverage: D-Link's external high-performance antennas enhance Wi-Fi coverage. In our tests, it can provide a full signal for a house of 300 square feet. As we move around the house, the device automatically connects to the strongest frequency band.
● Improved internet speed: D-Link supports the 5 GHz frequency band, so its new extension signal can improve the original network speed. After connecting the extended signal, we can get enough speed to play any online network game.
● Easy to set up: It's very easy to install. You just plug it into an outlet near your router, download the app, and follow the installation instructions.
● Often disconnected: The fatal shortcoming of D-Link is that it is often disconnected. After we followed the instructions to pair the D-Link with the router, it worked fine for a while. But over time, it loses its connection to the router, at which point you'll need to restart the D-Link to get an effectively extended network again.

WiFi Extender Compared

It's not enough to know the pros and cons of each WiFi extender when deciding on the best one for your home. Horizontal analysis of performance can also help you intuitively understand product differences. In this section, we will compare the performance of these 3 WiFi extenders in greater detail.

Cudy AX1800
D-Link AX1500
Internet Speed
Up to 1200 Mbps
300-400 mb/s
Up to 1200 Mbps
Max Range
over 2,500 sq.ft
up to 2000 sq.ft
up to 1500 sq.ft
Connect Devices
very stable
general stability
poor stability

1. Internet Speed: Rextender surprised us the most in terms of network speed performance. Its network speed is 1200 Mbps, which is adequate for most online games. D-Link's is slightly slower than Rextender's. Cudy's internet speed is not ideal, at only 300-400 mb/s.
2. Max Range: The Rextender had the most extensive signal coverage at 2500 feet, followed by Cudy at 2000 feet and D-Link at 1500 feet.
3. Connect Devices: Cudy can connect up to 30 devices, while Rextender and D-Link can connect up to 20.
4. Stability: Rextender has the highest level of stability, followed by Cudy. The stability of D-Link is not ideal, which is very unfriendly for gamers.
5. Price: Rextender is currently discounted to just $49.55. Cudy and D-Link are relatively expensive, with prices reaching $60+.
In short, Rextender is the best-performing Wi-Fi extender out there. It excels in speed, range, connected devices, and stability, and it's a solid buy at a very affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your gaming experience with Rextender today!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we hope this guide will help you find the perfect WiFi extender for your needs. A strong and reliable WiFi signal is vital for gamers, and with a suitable extender, you can eliminate any connection issues and focus on winning games with confidence. Say goodbye to lagging, disconnected and frustrated teammates once and for all!

Last updated on Apr 03, 2023
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